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that. >> also we heard from one eyewitness on koin saying that the shooter appeared to be wearing what appeared to be sort of a white hockey mask and was seen jogging through the macy's before the shots began. is that what you have heard as well? >> yes, in fact a couple witnesses told me it was more like a jason mask as well. and he was wearing a sweatshirt, possibly body armor and possibly cameo pants and came jogging in with an assault rifle described variously as an ar-15 or something along that nature. which is the civilian version of the m-16. >> rick bell, i appreciate it. i know it's been a crazy busy night four. thank you for talking with us. we'll follow the story throughout the evening. we have another hour of anderson cooper. right now ashleigh banfield.
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>> breaking news tonight, new detail about a crowded shopping mall outside of portland, oregon. three people are dead including the gunman after he opened fire at the clack kamans town center a short while ago. no word on whether he was shot or took his own life. the witnesses are describing a pretty chaotic scene of people who were rushing to the doors to escape the gunfire, that it sounded like firecrackers. about a hundred officers and emergency vehicles are now on the scene. and police say they do believe that this gunman angted alone, but they are still searching throughout the mall saying that customers and employees may still be in there and hiding not knowing if this incident is over yet. hundreds of people have already been evacuated and the sheriff held a news conference a short time ago updating the situation. >> i can confirm that we believe
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at this point there was one and only one shooter involved and that shooter is deceased. in addition to that, we have at least one patient who was taken, taken from the mall with a traumatic injury and at least two that were deceased. in addition to the shooter. >> and we also have other breaking news tonight overseas. north korea has carried out the launch of a long range rocket. that come from the south korean government. and the japanese government also told cnn that the rocket passed over the island of okinawa, though no action was taken by them to shoot it down. the news comes as a surprise because north korea announced on monday that it was going to extend the launch window into late december. you can stay with cnn throughout the night for the latest on these two breaking stories. pierce morgan is in washington, d.c., with a special interview. >> welcome to the senate committee on foreign relations. this is where some of the most
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sense sensitive global issues are discussed. tonight i'm sitting down with three legendary citizens, john mccain senior senator from arizona, presidential candidate and ranking member on the armed services committee, joe lieberman, senior senator from connecticut and was on the ticket with al gore, and lindsey graham, the senior senator from south carolina, a member of the armed services appropriations and budget committees. welcome the you three. the three amigos. as dubbed by general petraeus. >> you forgot to mention he ran for president also and lost and he'll run and lose some day. >> this is -- john, much too often as we travel has described us as the losers caucus. once we were in pakistan and the ambassador -- this was 2002, the ambassador was good enough to give a dinner in our honor. mccain and i led the delegation of eight other senators. he got up to make his toast. i'm here, mccain, he lost for president, i lost for vice
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president, john says, you have here before you, the american government in exile. >> by the time this interview is over, you will know why they both lost. >> what is known about the three of you is you're very close friends. i sort of represent an air or an essence of bipartisanship and genuine cross-party friendship, which many feel doesn't really exist in modern-day washington. how have you managed to do this? and why can't more of your colleagues do this? >> respect, affection, traveling together. when you travel together -- and by the way, other senators have described our travel as death marches. we go to exotic places like afghanistan and baghdad and libya and those really fun places. but i think traveling together is probably been for years now we've traveled to the most interesting places, maybe not the most fun places. and so we become friends that
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way. here in the senate. therefore, we have worked together on a lot of national security issues. lindsay is a reserve colonel in the air force. he serves his active duty for years in iraq, now afghanistan. joe being a key member of the homeland -- the chairperson of the homeland security committee and so we have a lot of common interests, common interests, common working together has built up a unique friendship over the years. >> this started -- this wasn't planned. when i came to the senate, i admired john mccain from afar. once i got to know him, i admired him less, but that's -- no obviously, we've become very close. and i have the greatest admiration for him. but i remember going to see him and saying i'd like to work together with you -- i hope we can work together on something. and it turned out that the first thing we really worked together on was the war in the balkans
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because we were increasingly agitated by what turned out to be genocide really and worked with bob dole and joe biden to push the clinton administration to finally get into it. but there began a working relationship of friendship and really based on i think values that we all shared. this youngster came along in 2002, the kid, and basically we believe that america has a responsibility to be involved in the world in protection of our values and our strategic interests, all of which helps us be safer and freer here at home and it's just grown. >> senator graham, what is the secret to proper bipartisanship, do you think? >> well, in fairness to our colleagues, pierce, there's a lot of real close friendships around this place. there's a lot of republicans and democrat who get along very well and work together. the reason you're talking about the three of us, i think, is because of 9/11. there had never been an attack on america, we would have been three friends who travel and
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socialize, but what brought us together and put us on the map, after we were attacked on 9/11, everything in our country changed and throughout the world. as a result of 9/11 and all the national security issues that followed, our friendship became a cause. it really did solidify over the iraq war. bipartisanship as hyped is being willing to lose your job. i really admire john because he suffered for our country. and i hang around these guys because i feel young and smart, but the truth of the matter is john has been a war hero in the true sense of the word, but during the iraq war, we were one vote away from setting a deadline to withdraw, and joe was the only democrat who would cross over. so when you talk about bipartisanship, i think you really are trying to talk about courage. joe has the courage of his convictions. it drove him out of his own party. and i don't think there's much of that going on any time in american history, particularly
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now, so so without 9/11, without the iraq war, without afghanistan, without the challenges we face, we'd just be three friends and we've become a force to lead because other people will. >> he supported me in 2008 and yet when the democrats in majority, they still made him the chairman of one of the most important committees in the entire senate, the homeland security committee. i've never seen quite that level of respect. by the way, one of the things that i do for lindsey is i translate a lot of his remarks in english when we are traveling. >> the south carolina primary. >> the tragedy of this is that you are this amazing band, the three amigos, but the band is breaking up. you're retiring. >> this is the only thing i feel guilty about with regard to my leaving the senate. but the time came.
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i've been here 24 years. wanted to move on to something else. we'll always be friend. we'll be amigos forever. and maybe they'll find a way to have me carry their baggage. >> it's been described to me like zz top suddenly losing a member and in comes katy perry because you've got the senator co ahern coming in. >> i think of it as the temptations without rhythm. >> one thing about our relationship, as you know, joe lieberman is an orthodox jew, and we've had to put up with all the shabbat stuff, all the lousy food, all the elevators, all the days off. and i want to tell you that we have gotten all the down side but none of the up side. so i'm seriously thinking about taking up his religion since i've had to eat all that salmon all these years. >> they have been very tolerant
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of me. but i've assured them that it could be that, you know, when they each complete their 120 years on earth and they get to heaven and at the pearly gates they find a rabbi, they're going to be in great shape. >> we were on an airplane flying to europe, which we do every year, and we were up in a compartment just the two of us, and i woke up and it was just starting to get a little light. and i saw this figure with a shawl on and doing this mumbo jumbo, i thought maybe i had died. >> so then i said, when i tell the story, i say this is kind of man john mccain is. he things that heaven is populated by praying jews. what a guy. >> i had never known a person in my life that lives his religion to the degree that joe lieberman does. he's such a great contrast to people like me and lindsey because i've never seen him lose his temper. i've never seen him insult anyone, i've never seen him
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treat anyone but with the greatest courtesy. i cannot say that about lindsey or myself. >> your temper is legendary. >> very calm. >> very calm, level headed. >> absolutely. >> have you ever known him to not lose his temper? >> i just realized they do really -- >> 1973. >> they do a great service for me because i don't have to lose my temper, because they do it for me, they express it for me. you guys have been too nice to me, i appreciate it. >> we had a show last night, it was very american in sense of the topics we discussed. bob costas. two things that were very pertinent to him, guns and football. and particularly the relationship twoon the two. now 70% of nfl players now carry guns. and an ongoing debate. i have to say not a very loud one. i seem to be one of the few people who really wants to discuss this, about the proliferation of guns in america. you have been through decades of this kind of debate. where do you sit on this? let me start with you, senator
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mccain. guns in america, should anything be done or are you comfortable with where things are? >> actually, i'm comfortable. i think that, for example, the killing that has aroused mr. costas' anger was an act of hatred and brutality, and that person wanted to kill somebody, they didn't need a gun to do it. so look, i just believe that it's one of our rights and -- joe? >> i start with the belief that the second amendment actually does protect the right of individual americans to own guns, but in my opinion, it's no more unlimited than the right of free speech which has limits. so i've supported, for instance, bans on the automatic weapons and for a while we've been trying to close what's called the gun show loophole. if you go in a store, it's pretty regulated now, to buy a
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gun at a regular gun shop there's a check done on you and national computer file of criminal records or if you can mental health records or indications of violence. if you go to a gun show, you don't have to do that. that's a problem. it's even a problem related to homeland security because some terrorists have bought guns at those gun shows. so right of private ownership. but the government has a right to limit it. >> senator graham, here's where i come from all this. >> you come from england. >> a country of strict gun control. 35 to 40 gun murders a year. america has 11 to 12,000. the worst rate by miles of any of the advanced counties in the world. nobody thinks this is a problem. everybody thinks the right to bear arms means naz jovan belcher's case, he had eight firearms. why do you need eight firearms to defend yourself? why would any american, explain to me if you can, why would any american need the right to have an ak-47 assault rifle?
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why aren't their limits on number of guns. >> there are limits. not anyone can own an automatic weapon. but the second amendment came about because of your country. the king wouldn't let average people -- >> you're going to blame the british. >> absolutely. when in doubt always blame the british. >> is it the constant threat of the british invasion. because i can probably relax you on that store. >> why did they put it in the constitution? why did we decide as a nation early on that individuals can bear -- have the right to bear arms? because in england the individual person didn't have a whole lot of rights about religion, freedom of speech and we never had a king here. some people would suggest that maybe that's -- maybe we should. at the end of the day. >> or a queen. >> i own more than eight guns, why should my constitutional right be limited because you don't understand why i want eight guns? >> why do you want eight guns? >> because i enjoy shooting.
6:15 pm
i hunt. something my dad and i did together. and in the south, that's part of growing up. now when people abuse a weapon, i think having additional penalties for a crime committed with a gun makes perfect sense. but we are who we are as americans. and we have our faults, but the second amendment is ingrained in our culture. 90% of the football fans at south carolina or clemson home games probably own a weapon. and i just really do believe it's about how you act as a person that determines your fate, not the sensibilities of someone else. because if my individual rights under the constitution are limited by the sensibility of others, i don't have a whole lot of rights. >> let's take a break and come back and talk about money. money, money, money. because right now, there's a paralysis in this very city about how to resolve things relating to money in america. i want you tree to sort it out. ♪
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i'm in the hearing room in the senate committee on foreign relations. the triumvirate of john mccain, joe lieberman and lidsy graham. welcome back to all three of you. you said you just got re-elected, this is to president obama, how about doing something big that is not liberal? how about doing something big that is really is bipartisan? every big idea he has is a liberal idea that drowns us in debt. how about manning up here, mr. president and use your mandate to bring this country together to stop us from becoming greece. >> yes. >> man up, barack obama. strong words. >> he has a chance to be an historic president. what makes us greece? it's not because the tax code is
6:20 pm
at 35% versus 39.6. what's going to make this country greece, like every other western nation, retiring at 10,000 a day in terms of baby boomer, three workerses for every retiree, in 20 years we'll have two. medicare and social security are about $30 trillion underfunded. if you did what tip o'neill and ronald reagan chose to do, reform entitlements, we become the most dominant place on the planet pretty quickly. so what i would plead with the president to do is use this mandate. redo revenue, which we should. but what keeps us from becoming the country we want to be and damns the future generations is entitlement and spending. when i was 21, my mom died, when i was 22 my dad died. if it wasn't for social security survivor benefits, my sister would have never gone to college. social security is going to fail.
6:21 pm
when i was 22 we needed the 300 and something bucks we got a month. i'm 57, i have no kids, i could easily give up $400 in retirement from social security to help people who can't. >> as a reality for republicans is that president obama has won a second term. in many ways he won the argument. now i'm sure he's thinking about history and legacy and he doesn't have to worry about being re-elected. that gives you a power that you don't have in the first term. but he's managed to box the republicans into a place you just don't want to be, where it looks like you're prepared to allow the middle class of america to get taxed from january onwards at at higher level to save the backsides of the wealthiest 2% of americans when 70% of all americans polled say we want the 2% to be paying more tax. that argument's gone, isn't it? >> yes, it is. look, the president can rightly say that he made clear during
6:22 pm
the campaign for re-election that this was the beginning of how he was going to deal with our national debt problems, raise taxes on the top 2%. he come in with the mandate, and now he continues to advocate it and it gets great support from the american people. i think it's part of a solution to our debt problem, but if you raise taxes the way the president wants, it's about -- it feills about 7% of the hole e have now. >> i say back to that, it is still 7%. what he also has to do is reduce the entitlements -- >> but this is the point. >> you guys are the most experienced senators in washington. where is this deal in the end going to wash out? >> you know what? the question is whether we have the political will to put the deal together that most people in both sides, both parties will tell you is what has to happen. and that is, yes, raise taxes, raise revenue, you got to do that in fairness and in
6:23 pm
political honesty and praktality and the biggest driver of the debt is not the regular spending of our government, things like defense, homeland security, education, it's so-called entitlements. you've got to kurt althe increase in spending on things like medicare that's putting us in the hole. >> what you don't want to do you don't want the make it punitive for people to make charitable donations. to me that's another lose argument for the republican. you got to be very careful where you encourage the cutting of entitlements. >> yeah. one thing i don't think i should ask a democrat to do is turn medicare into a voucher program. you know, the paul ryan budget had a premium support system, which i think makes sense, but a lot of people on the left are not going to go there, but i think we could adjust the age of eligibility for medicare from 65 to 67 over the next 30 years. cue ask all three of us to pay the full cost of part b
6:24 pm
premiums. >> prescription drugs. >> the prescription drug benefit. make us pay the full costs. we can afford it. but here's what i would say, how this movie ends -- and that's your question. >> yes. >> we will wind up losing on probably the rate issue by the end of the year to some extent. i think capping deductions is a better way to generate revenue, but there will come a time in february and march where you have to raise the debt ceiling. when you're $16 trillion in debt, somebody in this place needs to say stop borrowing until you address why we're in debt. i will not raise the debt ceiling ever again until we get significant entitlement reform because if we don't reform entiltmentes we're going to become greece. so this fight goes from the end of the year the raising the debt ceiling in february and march. that's a chance for the president to lead this nation, to get republicans and democrats in a room and do something i wanted to do for 20 years. save social security and medicare from bankruptcy and the country from becoming greece, but if he doesn't lead, there's
6:25 pm
going to be one hell of a fight over raising the debt ceiling. >> john mccain, in the end, the republicans, whatever is being said right now, are going to have to acquiesce to him on that point, for him to acquiesce to what the republicans want on entitlements. >> i think that's very possible that that could be the outcome. i agree with you. he won the election, and he has the upper hand, and he has the upper hand in public opinion polls right now, as you mention. but at the same time it seems to me the way you do these things as i've seen in the pass is call people and come over and have conversations. don't go out and continue the campaign that is over. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> absolutely. >> there seems to be a strange disconnect between speaker boehner and the president. when you compare it to tip o'neill and ronald reagan or newt gingrich in the second term of bill clinton. both told me, clinton and gingrich, they would get in a
6:26 pm
room, throw out the advisers and thrash out a deal. >> maybe they began that an sunday. i have the feeling that if you really left it to the president and the speaker, obama and boehner, they could work it out. they got forces behind both that will try to separate them, but that's where their leadership comes into play. look, this country -- i'd rather be an american economically poised for the future than a citizen of any other country in the world. what's standing in the way of us really surging economically is the government, and if we can get together and adopt a bipartisan long-term debt reduction plan, i think our economy's going to take off. >> i want to get into foreign policy now. you are the three amigos, the experts in this genre. i want to talk about the middle east exploding that you've hinted at and also benghazi and susan rice, which i know is a favorite subject of yours, senator. >> so good of you, pierce. thrit,
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breaking news. i'm ashleigh banfield. pierce morgan will return in a moment. but we're awaiting a live news
6:30 pm
conference out of portland, oregon. the scene there with a number of ambulances clearing the way after a shooter was apparently shot dead inside the clackamas town center sadly not before two other victims were shot dead and one other victim was shot and is in critical condition, we're told, tonight in a hospital. this was a busy holiday shopping season, and this mall was crowded with people, parents, children, the santa claus workshop, where children were lined up as well for their photographs. this all apparently transpired in a food court, although witnesses say they saw this gunman not only wearing a hockey mask but also a flak vest and camouflage running through the parking lot and into this mall into apparently the shooting began sounding like automatic gunfire to some, like balloons popping and like firecrackers to others. david moran is an employee in
6:31 pm
the mall who joins me by telephone. can you hear me in. >> yes, i can. >> i know that you were arriving at work when much of this transpired. but can you tell me what you saw? >> okay. so when i got to work, it wasn't about seeing anything. where we're located is right below where it happened. we heard one gunshot, from what we thought it sounded like something fell. then it was a matter of two or three seconds, then just rapid gunfire. then from there we all took off running the opposite direction from where we heard it. >> david, some of the pictures that we've been seeing coming in from the local affiliates, in particular koin, showed a number of people with their hands up. it looked as though they were being escorted by some of the 100 responding officers. did you see people being escorted out of the mall with their hands in the air? >> i didn't see anybody with their hands up. from when i ran out, i went
6:32 pm
through the other macy's store, the home department. we were stuck in the back hallways. we didn't know where to go. so from when i got out, i didn't see anybody with their hands up, they werejust eskortding people out. right after it happened. >> also i'm not sure in relation to where you were in the mall, where the santa's village is, but there was another witness who reported that the sound of gunfire, the santa was surrounded by children and fell to his knees and that they were very concerned. ultimately the santa person who was acting as santa for the santa's village is okay. but did you see any of that, were you close enough to witness any of that? >> i did see the santa stuff. when i ran, i ran right next to it. the other macy's store is right outside of there. and from when i ran, there was children running and their parents were carrying them. and like i said, we were in the back hallways and there were stairs. we didn't want to go upstairs because we were scared because we thought maybe it happened
6:33 pm
upstai upstairs. so i went upstairs and i found a way outside. so we yelled at everybody else to come on and get out. they were carrying their kids running out. >> i can only imagine what these parents must have been going through not wp withstanding the children themselves. what was that scene like? >> it was horrifying. i thought i was going to die. i think a lot of people did. the gunshots were so loud and it was very scary. kids were crying, yeah, you say parents were crying, too. everybody was asking each other, why is this going on? why is this going on? >> there was also another witness that said that people were locked inside the mall, that they were told to stay where they were, but you were able to get out? >> exactly. the person i work with, she was locked in the mall. she made it to a body piercing place and they locked everybody in the back of the mall in the back hallways and the back of the stores.
6:34 pm
>> david, i want to interrupt you only for a moment because the clackamas county sheriff's office is giving updates and they have a live news conference that's scheduled to get under way in just a few seconds. we've been listening to sergeant james rhodes with the clackamas county sheriff's department who has been updating us through the evening. he's prepared to give us a new update. let's listen. >> lieutenant james rhodes, clackamas county sheriff's office. i want to give a brief statement then introduce you to sergeant adam phillips with the clackamas county sheriff's office, then we can take some questions at the end. just an update, we're almost finished searching the entire mall and locating everybody and releasing them from the mall. the numbers are still the same. we know there to be the shooter's deceased, two dead and one transported to trauma. additionally, i can confirm that the shooter is dead of an
6:35 pm
apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. by all accounts, there's no rounds fired by law enforcement in the mall today. >> no rounds -- >> no rounds fired. >> we'll take all questions at the end. >> no rounds fired by law enforcement today in the mall. again we're wrapping up our search of the mall and releasing everybody at the scene. we have a lot of work to do as far as gathering witness statements before everybody is released from the scene. i'm asking for family and friends to still be a little patient before we get everybody released from the mall. if you have questions contact the sheriff's office. i'd like to introduce the pio for the sheriff's office. >> i've been in contact with the mall management. they have said that they are going to be posting information for businesses, employees and customers who were affected by this incident on their webpage. you can find it on the internet. the mall is going to remain closed for the rest of this evening and as long as the police investigation goes on, it
6:36 pm
will remain closed as well. we do not have a timeline for that. people who have stuff left inside the mall, check the clackamas town center webpage for nfg on hinformation on how t back. your property is secure tonight. the process will be developed on how to get that back to you. family members, once again, if you are still looking for somebody, be patient. with the two people deceased right now, their family members are being contacted currently. if you haven't been contacted soon, chances are your family member is not one of those people deceased tonight. the next press conference that we have and all future releases of information, any interviews, are going to be done at the brooks building, clackamas county sheriff's offices. that address is 9101 southeast sunnybrook boulevard.
6:37 pm
we have a joint information center there that the media will be able to broadcast from, and, once again, all further information releases and interviews will be done there. at 8:00, sheriff roberts is going to be there for a live press conference. and now open it up to questions. any information about the actual investigation is not going to be appropriate to release right now. i wish i could answer those questions, but it just wouldn't be appropriate. >> talk about -- did they do everything they were supposed to in situations like this? >> i was not here. i don't know what they did. i know that we got many calls from 911, the clackamas town center security guards and employees all did the appropriate things. i heard many people locked in place, many people ran, those are the two most appropriate
6:38 pm
things to do in these circumstances. >> can you tell me anything about the two victims? >> i don't have any identifying information. >> there's word that the gun jammed. can you confirm that? >> i don't have any information about the investigation that i can share. that goes right to the same thing. i can't give that information. >> number of people injured. >> that number stayed the stam as lieutenant rhodes mentioned. one person transported with an injury. >> that's a critical injury. any minor injure? >> i don't know. >> were you folks in contact with mall security watching it unfold on video camera? >> i do not have that information. >> how many people are still in there? >> there's still police officers inside the mall being assisted by oregon state police, gladstone, oregon city, federal law enforcement agents are also here assisting us. there are still many people inside the mall. as far as customers go, my understanding is that that number is dwindling consistently. part of the thorough search
6:39 pm
means going into every room thatty welcome get into to confirm that nobody is inside of it. >> has the gunman's family been contact and do you expect his name to be released at 8:00? >> i doubt that it will be released at 8:00. at some point that information will be available. i don't know about 8:00. >> what can you tell us about him? >> it was an adult male. >> 20s, 30s, 40s? >> they the extent of the information i've been given. >> was he wearing a mask? >> i don't have that information. >> was he coming to the same location you just said, 8:00. >> if you're a witness to the incident, come to the max light rail platform at the clackamas town center. there are detectives standing by there ready to interview you to take your information down. if for some reason you can't come there in person, call our nonemergency dispatch line,
6:40 pm
503-655-8211. >> lieutenant rhodes said shots were fired inside the mall. were any shots fired outside the mall? >> i'm -- >> shots fired by law enforcement? >> did the shooter shoot anybody outside the mall? >> i don't have any information about the shooter to share with anybody. >> has law enforcement identified the shooter? >> i do not know. 8:00, 9101 southeast sunnybrook, media who are not familiar with it, once we go off air, i'll show you more information about how to get in there. thank you. >> so you're seeing the officials from the clackamas county sheriff's department giving the final update until additional investigative information becomes available and the headline here is that
6:41 pm
the shooter in this mall shooting was found dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound and not as a result of any shots being fired by police. apparently according to sergeant adam phillips not one shot was fired by law enforcement officials tonight, but clearly that mall is still closed. and as the officers told us, it will remain closed for the duration of this investigation. in fact, they are asking people who may have witnessed this to come forward to them, not only that, there is also a report that mall security was able to witness some of this on video. so clearly those videotapes will be critical to this investigation as well. we're watching this carefully and we'll have more information throughout the evening on cnn. in the meantime, though, cnn's piers morgan continues. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift
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> i'm here in washington and back with three of the great legendary senators john mccain, joe lieberman and lindsey graham. >> it means old. >> yes, it does. i'll stand by my comments. >> america has moved incredibly fast from the time all three of you have been in the senate even. you're now seeing same-sex marriage being legalized in many states. do you think that young people don't care nearly as much about it as their parents. >> part of it is generational. part is the media. you're casting movies and tv
6:46 pm
shows where people are same-sex couples are funny, charming and kind. the point is that you can be funny, charming and kind and be in love with someone of the same sex. what's the role of the law here? we're not talking about an academic discussion. when is it proper for the government to set boundary in terms of relationships? it's clearly proper to say you can't kill someone. i have no problem with people passing on their property to someone they love. i have no problem with people having the ability to engage in a free and open life. part of this is religious. in my state, we're not going to change the traditional definition of marriage, and i would support the traditional definition of marriage not out of hate, but i believe that's just best for society. at the end of the day, states will come out differently on this issue. and i think that's the way it should be. i think each state -- >> but can america really stand
6:47 pm
for freedom and genuine equality if half the states continue to view the rights of a homosexual couple to get married in a completely different way to the way they view the right of a heterosexual couple? >> can people in a republic -- can people in south carolina and new york differ? i hope so. but can we do it in a way -- >> can they both be equal? can they both espouse equality if actually in one state you can't get married and in other -- >> he's going to answer this question this term. really that's a basic question. one, is it unconstitutional to prohibit same-sex marriage -- >> what do you think, yes or no? >> what do i think they're going to decide. >> what do you think they should decide. >> i think that marriage should be decided by the states, that means that some states should be able to prohibit same-sex marriage. >> that's the principle of the federalist belief. >> it seems so un-american to me. i'm sorry. but here's a country that stands
6:48 pm
on the grounds of freedom, democracy and equality and here you are all telling me that's fine so long as you're in the right state. i don't get that. >> i've been waiting to ask you this question. >> go on. >> if it's based on love, can three people love each other? >> can three people love each other? why would you need three people? >> well, is it possible for three people to genuinely love each other and want to share their lives together? >> of course it is. >> is it okay to have three people marry each other? >> i would say not. that's not the debate. i haven't heard anybody arguing for the right for three people to marry. buts that a fas i'll point. >> why? >> because the point is simply a homosexual couple's right to get married in the same way that a heterosexual couple in america. what all three -- unless i'm wrong, what you're all three are saying is yes, if you're in the right geographic part of the country. that to me isn't equality. >> the constitution of the united states says all rights are reserved for the states except for those given to the government. >> but there are many federal
6:49 pm
laws. >> there are. >> the argument now in the supreme court will be should it be a federal issue, and i don't see how you can be a free and equal america unless this is a federal decision that says all rights are equal. >> do you respect the religious beliefs? and if they reflect those religious beliefs in the laws that are passed by their states -- >> i do respect those beliefs. >> that's the will of the people. >> but there are many religions in many different states. >> yes, there are. >> would you expect the original right of the founding father to allow slavery? >> no. >> would you allow slavery in some states and not others? no, you wouldn't. >> it runs straight into what you're asking which is the states are the place where domestic law, where family law is determined state by state. the supreme court may say that's no longer valid. i would say this to you. connecticut, same-sex marriage is legal in connecticut.
6:50 pm
somebody asked me recently, how's it changed thing? and you know, i thought about it and to the best of my knowledge, it hasn't changed things at all. it hasn't really changed anybody's life except people who are gay or lesbian and want to -- >> all it ap done is make certain people's live happier and better. >> can i suggest this? slavery was outlawed by a constitutional amendment. go watch incoln." great movie. the people decided. the question for us is who should decide these thins? should it be is who should decide these things, a handful of judges or the people themselves and i come out on the side of the people themselves. different people will look at it deliver differently. if you want to pass it that is the law of the land. >> quickly are pot. are you in favor of legalizing pots. >> the legal experts say it is a
6:51 pm
greatway drug and may lead to more addiction. >> have you ever inhaled? >> ever wish you had to find out? >> i don't pretend to be normal. >> really? >> no. >> how normal are you. >> pretty abnormal. >> within the confines of the law. gun control is a federal thing. it is called the second amendment. we're not known as constitutional scholars for a reason but i will take a shot at the pot question. i think the federal government has preempted the states on this question. i think you have to have a national regime sometimes to have commerce and people can live without fear and reprison prizal and sometimes in a democracy you let people go their own way. it is called democracy. the thing i love the most about america is so far after 200 an something years, you can disagree on all of this stuff and be friends and you have a chance to vote for people
6:52 pm
whether you like them or not on one or a bunch of issues. >> take a final break and be back with more from the three amigos. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! to the best vacation sp(all) the gulf! [ male announcer ] yes, it is. it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit.
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back with the three amigos. final question for you gentlemen and quickly, if you don't mind. it's cyst mats coming. what would you like most as a gift. >> obviously i think all of us and all americans a resolution of this issue of the fiscal cliff so that people can live next year with a sense of predictability, with a sense that we can have a growing economy, and, frankly, peace in the world. >> and the place on this committee? >> i think it would be fun to do. >> i'll take that as a yes. >> senator lieberman. >> christmas and hanukkah. >> yes. >> what would i like from the president? that he pick the leadership he's been empowered with the election, bring the parties together beginning with speaker boehner and other leaders agree on a bipartisan package that will reduce debt, increase tax
6:57 pm
and cut increases on spending entitlements. that will do it and usher in a brilliant new period in america's economic history. >> sounds good. senator graham. >> three things, that the president would have -- >> this i thought we only had one. >> this is america you can have three the president will leave a force in afghanistan of 15 to 20 thousand to make sure the place doesn't fall back in to radical hands. that the people get behind syria and end assad's regime and entitlement form so we can keep this country from becoming greece. >> thank you so much. the three amigos you are sadly about to become the two amigos but i suspect the friendship will continue. >> forever. >> thank you very much for joining me. i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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